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Jennifer Blunden CPA

Jennifer started her career with KPMG before moving into commerce where she has held senior financial roles with Australian and International private and public companies. For a number of years Jennifer headed the finance department of an Australian recruitment firm and in that role gained significant experience and understanding of that industry. These insights have proved invaluable in establishing the foundations for Part Time Professionals.

During the past four years Jennifer has also pursued the part time professional experience, working part time in a senior financial capacity with Alstom Power Limited. She is a strong advocate of the advantages of the part time professional – both to the business owner and to the finance executive. Her own success is proof that it does work! Jennifer believes that part time professional employment has a big future in Australia.

“Part time resources have been significantly under-utilised in the past. Often a part time participant has been forced to accept a position below their level of skill and experience. Providing opportunities to participate part time in challenging and executive roles will draw out a significant untapped workforce that will greatly benefit both Australian companies and the executive workforce.”

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