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Robert Lange BA(Hons) in Business Studies
Chief Operating Officer

Robert brings an enviable level of international business experience to the Part Time Professionals team. He spent four years studying business in the UK and Germany, before taking on the role of Managing Director for European Truck Parts Ltd in the UK for 12 years. One of his main areas of responsibility was strategic planning which resulted in diversification of a quality orientated product range plus an increase in sales locations throughout the UK. Robert moved to Sydney in 2004 seeking opportunities that would allow him to use his knowledge to assist companies to achieve successful and sustainable growth. He sees Part Time Professionals as an extremely valuable resource for Australian businesses.

“In the past, companies have been traditionally hesitant to embrace the part time model. With an increasing executive skills shortage and relentless drive for value, forward-looking companies around the world are now embracing the concept as a model for cost effective provision of management and executive resources.”

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