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1. Are CFO Network consultants employees?

No. They are independent contractor. Usually they would operate through a corporate entity. Part Time Professionals™ can assist with this process.

2. Is Part Time Professionals™ a recruitment firm?

No. Part Time Professional represents and supports the executive consultant. We do not provide executive search services and are not agents of the employer. We support consultants and assist them source and manage a pipeline of opportunities.

3. Is there a fee to join the CFO Network?

No. Currently there is no fee to join the CFO Network.

4. Is there an up front recruitment fee?

No. Each consultant charges a fee for consultancy services performed – when performed.

5. What does it cost?

Each consultant charges a fee for consultancy services performed – when performed. Part Time Professionals™ provides services to the executive consultant which are charged to the consultant.

Based on the consultant’s timesheet, Part Time Professionals™ invoices the consultant’s client under their letterhead and on their behalf and administers the payments due. A fee is deducted from each payment received, and the balance is remitted to the consultant’s bank account. A statement detailing the transactions is then issued to the consultant.

6. How does a consultant determine their charge-out rate?

Talk to Part Time Professionals™. We can assist you to determine a rate appropriate to your skill set and the market and to maximise the additional value of your being a member of the CFO Network and the Part Time Professional organisation.

7. Do I have to resign from my current full time job before I can join the CFO Network?

No. You just have to be in a position to genuinely consider and be able to accept suitable part time consultancy roles that may be introduced and offered to you after joining. The aim of the CFO Network is to create and market a membership of available Part Time Professionals™.

To become a Member of the CFO Network you can register here!

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