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Part Time Professionals™ is an exciting new concept in Australia and we are keen to keep you informed about the growth and potential of this revolutionary approach to sourcing accountants, financial controllers, chief financial officers and other executives.

This monthly newsletter will include articles on:

  1. Global Trends in the part-time executive and CFO marketplace
  2. The Skills Shortage and new ways of tackling it
  3. World’s Best Practice - how does Australia compare with the rest of the world in the area of part-time executive procurement?
  4. “Growing pains” - hear about our entrepreneurs’ experiences and lessons learned!

We will also offer Tips and Tricks, SME News from the Trenches, CFO Network member reports, Promotions and MORE….


  • A Business Owner, Director, CEO or Managing Director;
  • An Angel Investor or Venture Capitalist with an active interest in your corporate investments and their management teams;
  • A Lawyer or Accountant in public practice who wants to provide a value-add relationship to your clients;
  • Anyone interested in Successful Entrepreneurial Businesses;
  • A Human Resources Manager, CFO or COO or other executive;
  • A Business Consultant; or
  • A potential Part Time Professional!

Our Newsletter is written with YOU in mind!

We want you to know more about how Part Time Professionals™ is changing the way SME’s can get the best professional talent available …when they need it!

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