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Sales Promotion

The greatest benefit to members is their active promotion by Part Time Professionals™ – a company and website aimed at encouraging the greater utilisation of the part time professional by business in Australia. Although a growing trend in the United States, part time executives are not as frequently utilised in Australia. With the growing shortage of skilled accountants, and the changing age demographics in Australia, it is expected there will be a significant growth in this market. Businesses will be encouraged to register their interest in a part time CFO or executive. The details will be matched with the CFO Network members register and the opportunity assigned.

If you anticipate a slow period, Part Time Professionals can help fill the gap.

A leave management tool

If you require short-term back up (during a period of leave), Part Time Professionals™ can help you “fill the void” during your period of absence. Even independent consultants need holidays…we will help you manage your leave.

Invoicing, billing and administrative services

Part Time Professionals™ will invoice all referred clients on your behalf and will provide debt collection services for these clients. Statements will be issued to a consultant on receipt of funds showing:

Details of the client/s billed on their behalf during the month
Receipts and GST collected during the month
Payments and GST paid during the month

Just send in your timesheet/record of work performed and Part Time Professionals™ will do the rest.

The CFO Network intranet

The CFO Network intranet provides every member with:

Password access to the Members Only web-portal
Access and information about training courses available
Details of other products available to Members

We are also developing this to include a Research Centre, File Library and Sales Support.

Other benefits of joining

You are a member of a professional consulting organisation
Instant status as a consulting CFO
Reduce the learning curve of this industry. We have the experience in-house

Currently joining the CFO Network is free.

Only consultants who accept referred assignments will be charged a fee by Part Time Professionals™. This will be deducted from the amount received from each referred client.

A balanced lifestyle

Independent consultancy is a road to a more balanced lifestyle. Part Time Professionals™ and the CFO Network are dedicated to helping you achieve this balance.

Your life…
Your career…
Your choice…

Let Part Time Professionals™ and the CFO Network take you there…

The membership application process

Upon receiving an application, a reference check is made to establish professional membership details. A CFO Network Agreement will be forwarded to you for completion. Upon the signing and return of this form you will be sent your details as a member of the CFO Network.

It’s as Easy As That…

For more information contact:

or to apply for membership, complete the attached application form.

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